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Title: TOS
Post by: WVaGAL on June 03, 2013, 10:58:27 pm
"Dezarae's Politics & More ℠ 2012-2022  All rights reserved on all parts of this Internet Publication which consists of text documents and graphic images . No part of this Internet Publication may be reproduced on any other forums etc. or transmitted in any form kept for any use  in a retrieval system, or by any means photocopying, mechanical, electronc, recording, or otherwise, without explicit permission."


Let me start out by saying that this is a "discussion" forum..merely posting a cartoon as a response or a video, does not qualify as discussion. Posts that violate this will be deleted, and possible further action may be warranted. Everyone here are adults, let's act like it!

(1.)No copyright infringement. When posting a news article etc... Only post 3 or 4 paragraphs and give credit to the source and the reporter...with don't want to infringe on any long as we follow this, everyone will be within the guide lines...

(2.)No trolling.

(3.)No spamming.

(4.)No lewd materials nor sexism, racism nor bigotry.

(5.)No abusing admins or website

(6.)No abusing any poster/member or harrasement of any kind.

(7.)No advertising w/o Admin - Owner's permission

(8.)No insults about a poster's family members

(9.)If you have a problem with another poster, you have three options, notify a member of management,put poster on ignore, or take your differences to the Anything Goes Area..anyone that violates this will be reprimended by either 1 day suspension to a week..this may be upped at any time by management...we will not allow topics to be turned into a fued thread. If management has to lock a topic over violations, we will not be happy campers.

(10.)It is against TOS to allow other's to sign in using your account. This would be reason enough to terminate your acct.

(11.) It is against TOS to post links to other personal forums unless pre-approved my Admin.

(12.) Do not give out any members email or any other information to anyone..including people that are not members here.

(13.)  Keep The Title of your topics nice and naming a topic to try to get people riled up..otherwise we will have to rename your topic for you...

On #12-This is violating posters privacy...especially when they have chosen to hide their email address from view by others..or to give someone from elsewhere that posters email...if you want a posters permission ask them personally...or PM them and tell them why and what you want it for..This is common courtesy of people's privacy.My posters rely on management to protect their privacy..And we will protect their rights!. I ask that all of you adhere to this.It is against TOS to give out any members email w/o their permission hidden email address or not hidden,even by members....I addressed this so that there won't be any misunderstandings..

If you have any problems, questions or quarrels on the forum, do not post it on the forum. . PM a member of management......

Title: Re: TOS
Post by: WVaGAL on June 03, 2013, 10:59:47 pm
This is being posted on the boards to make sure that everyone has read this and understands....thanks

Only management can reply on this topic....We don't want to be heavy handed here, but sometimes you have to if people can't follow simple rules..we just want everyone to be on the same page understanding what we expect..if you aren't sure about something ask management.