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Title: Protesters storm Capitol, Pelosi asks National Guard to clear building
Post by: A159 on January 06, 2021, 02:50:07 pm
Yes sir, what some of us suspected would eventually happen a couple of yrs ago has finally taken place. Rioting on Capitol Hill (building). So many arrests is needed .... including Trump and his family who have inspired these law breaking actions.

The decision to ask for the National Guard to intervene comes as protesters breached the Capitol during Wednesday's counting of electoral votes. Police barricaded the doors of the House chamber and had their guns drawn, and there were reports of shots fired inside the buliding.

Requests for additional assistance from the Washington, D.C. National Guard are being considered, according to a Defense official who was not authorized to speak publicly. The DC National Guard is under control of the Army Secretary. Defense officials are monitoring the security situation at the Capitol but do not expect to receive requests for active-duty troops, the official said. Police are better able than Guard soldiers to deal with the protesters who have stormed inside the Capitol building and have gathered on the steps outside, the official said.

Title: Re: Protesters storm Capitol, Pelosi asks National Guard to clear building
Post by: Plato Potato on January 07, 2021, 04:42:09 pm
According to fact-checkers, it was Pence, not Trump, who called in the NG. On the whole, Trump's Q-boys didn't have anything to be proud of. Once they got inside, they didn't do much more than wait to be thrown out. It was more like a panty raid than an insurrection.

Title: Re: Protesters storm Capitol, Pelosi asks National Guard to clear building
Post by: steelydan on January 08, 2021, 08:50:47 am
I think this was much more serious than people are letting on... What if Nancy Pelosi couldn't have been evacuated and was still in her office? Or, several others? There were people running around with back packs on! We have no idea what was in those. There was law enforcement letting terrorists into the Capital grounds under the guise of de-escalation. That my friends is a crock of shitt. You never see law enforcement let bank robbers into a bank to de-escalate a bank robbery do you? Between these threats to our government premises, the vandalism, thefts, trespassing etc this was a direct threat to our national security. Washington DC is a mess. After 9-11 we expanded our security forces to a newly named Dept of Homeland Security which is now costing our nation much more money than ever. WHERE WERE THEY? It told me we as a nation are not all that much safer off but it also to people like Putin the Poisoner as well as people around the world.